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October 02 2016

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September 23 2016

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September 12 2016

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September 08 2016

August 26 2016

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Jensen Ackles and Rob Benedict (@robbenedict), Sunday, Salute to Supernatural Phoenix 2016

Photography by Stardust and Melancholy 

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Your favorite hunters are headed to EW PopFestDetails and tickets available here.

Source ewpopfest.com 

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August 08 2016

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July 26 2016

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July 22 2016

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July 13 2016

when work calls you on your holiday

asking for unpaid work…

ok, i’ll do it.

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July 12 2016

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June 22 2016

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Dean prawdę Ci powie
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June 05 2016

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June 04 2016

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